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Gerflor Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) GTI max antistatic in india design by indiana


● Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring is a multi-layered interlocking loosely vinyl tile with Polyurethane treatment (PUR+), 6mm thick with a dovetail joint for the connecting configuration and with welded joints for the cleantech configration.

●Gti max is manufactured using continuous high-pressure process, abrasion group T, it is reinforced with 2 glass fiber grids on either side of an intermediate pressed homogeneous layer.

● Its backing is a 4mm thick, its surface is homogeneous sheet of 2mm thickness, it has rams that provide continuity between the tile and the existing floor.

Interlocking Tiles in Bangalore

The Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring is a loose lay flooring tile that offers huge rigidity and a multi-layered structure with a thickness of 6mm Polyurethane treatment having a dovetail joint. The cleantech configuration of this Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring is connected with the welded joints and other configurations. The use of high-pressure procedures is useful in manufacturing these vinyl flooring. The T abrasion group and the two fibre grids of glasses provides a higher resistance of flooring option that can be used in industrial sectors, retail and manufacturing units. The homogeneous layer of Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring suggests having a 4mm thick backing with a 2 mm homogeneous sheet.

Advantages and popularity of Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring

The huge benefits and advantages that are integrated into the Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring suggest the usability of this vinyl flooring in heavy traffics. The huge application has been encountered in • Retail sectors • Industrial usage • warehousing environments This construction of Vinyl tiles offers fast renovation that cost much lesser than other approaches. The loose lay Installation suggests less complicated construction that can be renovated when required much simply and easily with effective expertise. The high resistance, easy maintenance with reinforced PVC layer and recyclable backing layers are the most advantageous aspects of choosing the multi-layer Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring over other flooring options. Contact INDIANA for interlocking tiles

Interlocking Tiles

Indiana has become the Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring pioneer in Bangalore, ensuring better quality flooring products with enhanced capability and approaches. The wear layer of 2mm provides high traffic resistance. The safety and zoning areas are identified and created using the colour palette. We offer easy maintained flooring products with PUR and surface treatment. These are the most key advantages that make us better than other flooring companies In Bangalore. The offered Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring of Indiana suggests no turnover loss, eliminating output line immobilization. The economic design of the flooring rages of Indiana entails low maintenance and a low-cost installation facility. The GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring ram provides continuity between the existing floor and the tiles, making the way easy to regulate. Indiana, as the best Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring in Bangalore, suggests providing excellent benefits over other companies that follow

• Low installation cost • Easy maintenance with PUR + Treatment • Easy renovation • No output line immobilization • Ideal colour theme or palette • High traffic resistance over the ear layer of 2 mm • Quick replacements with minimum disruption Among the offered products, the categorized one from Indian that is regarded as the best Interlocking-Tiles-Gerflor-GTI-max in Bangalore suggests • 0001 Dark stone • 0240 Green • 0241 Red • 0242 Black • 0243 Bue • 0244 Yellow • 0245 Grey • 0246 Dark Grey • 0247 Magma • 0249 Carbon • 0252 Titanium • 0253 Aluminium • 0255 Saphir • 0257 Sienna • 0258 Natural Beige Due to the excellent quality, safe and high resistance flooring products, Indiana is regarded as the best Gerflor GTI MAX Vinyl Flooring in India, serving huge consumers based on their need or purposes to make a difference in the overall product approaches. We offer ultimate flooring best suited for the environments like heavy traffic that are easily installable and extremely hardwearing with polyurethane treatment

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