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Solid Wooden Flooring

Solid Wooden Floors are timelessly fashionable, naturally beautiful and still exclusive solid parquet floors enrich living areas with its honey yellow colour or sophisticated dark knots, giving individual climate to modern and traditional interiors.

Slavonian Oak

Experience presumably the most beautiful oak type in Europe – Slavonian Oak. Growing in the forests stretching on the both sides of river Sava, in the border region of Serbia, Croatia and Bośnia, where oak wood has optimal climatic conditions. The growth is slow and even, the ground water level is good, the height above sea levels encourages optimal growth. Those conditions guarantee exceptional quality and beautiful structure of the oak wood.

Apart from standard floors and parquet, we also offers special range of products as:

Solid Wooden Flooring in Bangalore

More homeowners are turning to solid wooden flooring in recent times, preferring the classic look of the wooden flooring due to its impressive flooring styles, durability, and easy to clean approaches over other flooring options. The solid-wooden flooring is the new featured style adding character, warmth and style that lasts a long time if repaired and maintained properly. The representation of the homogenous wooden construction with 30% more expansion than the engineered woods. These are used extensively for commercial purposes. The designs that we offer suites the budget and design requirement of the huge customers.

There are several benefits that are associated with solid wooden flooring. This provides huge durability that makes the product last longer than other available flooring options. Solid wooden flooring provides better air quality. The low maintenance and easy cleaning approaches are increasing the demand that offers timeless styles our brand Indiana, the best solid-wooden-flooring in India. • Durability • Timeless Style • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean • Improves Acoustics • Better Air Quality • Offers fashionable look with all themed decors • Cost-Effective

• Eco-friendly designs We offer eco-friendly designs in wooden flooring that offers durable and strong flooring. This makes Indiana the best solid wooden flooring company in Bangalore. The timber flooring used in our manufacturing team would help improve the condition of our environment that decreases the carbon footprint, making us the best wooden flooring in India. • Cost-effective and long-lasting The designs that are in high demand among the top quality wooden flooring are made based on the budgetary constraints and limitations of the customers that fit well with their demand, requirement, and expenses. • Fashionable and timeless decor This helps in enhancing the overall look of a place that goes extremely well with almost every décor theme. This enhances the overall value of the place that aims to cater to the customers' diverse needs. This increases the natural look while beautifying the place with its exclusive designs and parquet floors, enriching the living spaces. This offers and caters for the need of both the traditional and modern interior, making the space timelessly fashionable. • Variety of products In Indiana, we offer a variety of products in different ranges, keeping the different budget preferences of our consumers. Our offered Slavonian Oak is regarded as the most beautiful type of oak that are grown near the forests in boundary regions of the Bośnia, Croatia and Serbia. The optimal climate situations are maintained in these regions where we source the raw material for further manufacturing and designs. The beautiful structure and exceptional quality of the sourced oak woods are maintained by us throughout. This is practised while keeping the sea level in check for optimal growth. Offered products in solid woken flooring We offer a huge variety of products based on the demand, preferences and price range of products in the competitive market based on wooden flooring. Apart from these expensive and uniquely beautiful, and structured parquets and standard floors, we have a wide range of wooden flooring products to offer the consumers that start from the • Solid Oak • Oiled Brown • Solid Bamboo • Oiled Gold • Oiled wood nature Indiana highly drives solid-wooden-Flooring in Bangalore with the better quality, cost-effectiveness and products in wooden flooring.

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