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Gerflor Homogeneous Electro Static Discharge [ESD] vinyl flooring Mipolam Accord EL7, Dissipative flooring in indian by indiana flooring


Static Dissipative Flooring - Electro Static Discharge [ESD]

● Gerflor Vinyl Flooring Mipolam Robust EL7 is a dissipative Flexible Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring comes in both sheet and tile.

● It is treated with Evercare™, the latest surface treatment obtained by UV laser crossing-Linking. It avoids staining from chemical products, like betadine, eosin, or anti-bacterial hand gel and increases the durability of the flooring, higher wear resistance, and easy maintenance, No wax for the lifetime.

●This vinyl flooring acts as a continues dissipater 10^6 < Rt < 10^8 W, the product is non-reactive to residual indentation with a value < 0.02mm, it has P Group wear rating and Bfl-s1 fire resistance.

● This product is non-emissive of volatile organic compounds with < 10µg/m3 [TVOC after 28 days ISO 16000-6]

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